"love and justice are not two. without inner change, there can be no outer change; without collective change, no change matters."

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Radical Dharma Circle Weekend – Portland 2019

15 November 2019 - 17 November 2019

Rev. angel returns to Portland for a deeper dive into the practices of dismantling the negative impacts of racialization on our minds, hearts, and bodies.

Friday Evening Talk

reckoning. remembering. confrontation. belonging. presence. love.

Show up for the conversation of our lives together. The conversation of these times.

Rev. angel Kyodo Williams
Talking Race, Love, and Liberation

Because It Matters.


Be part of the conversation of our times: the truth about Race Love and Liberation. We are all swimming in a system of white supremacy that keeps us from fully realizing our humanity. To fully be in our humanity we must confront how we, regardless of the color of our bodysuit, wield the tools of our oppressor and break ourselves and each other down. Our freedom lies in seeking to liberate ourselves and discovering the essence of love and connection and our sense of belonging.

This timely conversation that Rev. angel Kyodo Williams invites us to sheds light on the truth of who we are. She fortifies us as she speaks the truth addressing our painful racist history while pointing us to a path of liberation. Reckoning with how we benefit or are at the mercy of our current system of oppression and seeking to free ourselves in a manner that is not about the individual self but collective healing is the gift of Rev. angel Kyodo Williams. Remembering the truth of who we are without the shackles of racism we are able to witness each other’s presence. Do not miss this important conversation and an opportunity to witness truth, love, and liberation in action.

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Saturday & Sunday

Encounter race where it lives in your life.

Rooted in the supposition that race has harmed us all — though in different ways — Radical Dharma Circle is an “encounter” with awareness and practices of dismantling the negative impacts of racialization on our collective minds, hearts, and bodies.

This highly experiential weekend features identity and issue-based caucuses, full-group congresses and capacity-building with the embodied practices we need to expand our sense of spaciousness to find greater awareness, understanding, and compassion across lines of difference and amongst our own tribes.

    • – move past clever language to courageously explore your relationship to race.
    • – develop or strengthen embodied practices that cut through bias while increasing personal space and capacity.
    • – begin to unpack & reveal the relationship between intersecting oppressions and how they work to keep us apart.
    • – surface and confront the stored history and impact of race in your own life with compassion.
  • – engage in issue-based causes and full-group congresses to meet race where it matters in your life.


Going Beyond the Book Club

Baked in the strategy for Radical Dharma as a movement to transform the race for all people is the intention to seed community-based, collective-led half-day spaces called “Connections.” We envision pop-up RD Connections spread across the country from urban foodie jungles to suburban soccer corners to rural old-school enclaves in time for 2020 elections and beyond. Anywhere an RDsattva is willing to hold space to meet people where they are in their story inside and about race is where Connections should be. Connection is where Conversations begin. And it matters.

To do that in a good way, practice is called for. This weekend’s Circle fills the prerequisite for people wishing to go forward to Practices of Radical Dharma, held in Seattle the following weekend, and will include information and space to engage the RDsattva path with Rev. angel.


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